Demos Vol. II

by Lauren O'Connell

To my mother, I'll be sorry that I gotta go To my brother, I'll be sorry that I gotta go To you I wish that I could say I wish you well But I think I'll be waiting until I'm honestly able. I'm sure the air is lighter on the seas In every city settled far away from me Now I'm negotiating with the fear That something's wrong with the daylight here And I can't fix it. Crooked or kind, if I'm free, if I'm fine Either way, whatever I do Whichever coast, there'll be room there for ghosts Either way, I'll be thinking of you. When gone I have sworn that I will worry not Of satisfaction, justice, or the will of God I'm not sure there's any difference in the three Whatever the conscience decrees I hope we both feel right.
Thirteen 02:57
The door is shut but the walls are thin I hear somebody move within And I think how I could knock They'd open up and I'd say that I Was there to read the meter and I'd like Just two minutes inside They'd let me in I'd slip upstairs I'd walk around the rooms up there With no shoes on I'd run my hands along the paint I’d ask why they changed everything And then they'd ask me to leave You will lose a place that once was yours But you'd best not come around So if you don't want to feel rejected Assume that somebody tore it down My mind goes to other buildings Like the one that I first met you in And I think I could go to your place And ask who you have met since we Last talked but I must gracefully refrain 'Cause that's just what people do You will lose somebody that you love But you best not write or call So if you don't want to go crazy Assume that they stopped loving at all But your gut still knows that those stairs still creak And the walls still talk and the roof still leaks And a heart still wants and some looks still kill And a life lives on with a space to fill And it will, it will, it will Holding on is just part of letting go But you'd best just walk away When your life stops being your business If just to prove you can keep busy anyway Holding on is just part of letting go That's what you said when you left town But I'm afraid that on my worst day I'll go myself and I will burn that fucker down Baby I will burn you down Baby I will burn you down
Our Town 04:58
Stay 02:56
Lost Cause 04:11


Less an album, and more a collection site for demos, covers, and collaborations recorded at my house. I'll be adding new tracks every now and then. To keep up, you can either follow me here on Bandcamp, or support my music on Patreon:


released October 14, 2014


all rights reserved



Lauren O'Connell Oakland, California

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